5 Cinematic Wedding Videography Trends | Styles & Shades

Perhaps you’d like to personalise your marriage film in a cinematic style or are you interested in learning more about the cinematic wedding videography trends for 2022? Or perhaps you’d like to take a look at the fascinating changes our wedding industry has seen in cinematic wedding videography!?

We selected some trends that have enormous potential to take over the following season after speaking with one of the most popular cinematic wedding videographers in Tamilnadu. We propose that you go over our curation carefully to ensure that your wedding film is polished with the best ideas and approaches. Choose the wedding photographers in Chennai to capture all your moments with the latest trends. Hence, in this post, let us know the 5 cinematic wedding videography trends for your wedding.

1) The Classic Vibe

Since 2020, vintage edits that recreate 1970s cinematic cinematography techniques are recent trends in wedding videography nowadays. Songs from earlier decades, as well as gritty gray edits are clearly a refreshing idea for this technical world of today.

It has been established that the stunning black and white colors are far more effective at capturing the viewer’s attention and focus. In addition, the comparison between the classic movies we witness these days, the traditional photos are straightforward and elegant to film!

2) The French Aesthetic

The French soundtracks are hidden gems in history which are the perfect soundtrack for marriages especially for Christian weddings. Background music is crucial in creating the best visual wedding film of 2022.

We’re focused on artistic slow outtakes and minimum movements to allow viewers to linger and take in the stunning views. French style and cottagecore components are undoubtedly resonating in the imaginations of premier cinematic wedding filmmakers all around the world.

To emphasize, this approach is best when complemented by delightful natural light and delicate pastel or neutral shades! The black and white palette, on the other hand, is firmly established in the foundation of any cinematic wedding video.

3) The Energy Boom

Lighthearted marriage videos with a splash of color are a genuine treat. The excitement, the gleam, and the talk, on the other hand, can instantly transform you from a tired Monday morning mood to a trendy Friday night! The way wedding films are shot has a lot to do with the high-octane atmosphere we see in them.

To emphasize, the cinematography must be quick and unexpected in order to dispel the audience’s preconceived beliefs before they press the play button. Frames and video speeds don’t have to be quiet and peaceful. We’ve come for that delectable adrenaline rush, after all! Reach out to Dhilip studio candid wedding photographers in Chennai to have your desirable captures.

4) South Indian Folktales

A sprinkle of fresh earthy tones can’t hurt, especially if it’s accompanied by eye-pleasing natural elements. To begin with, there are numerous unique traditions and poojas associated with traditional South Indian weddings.

Most significantly, colorful glass bangles, beautiful jasmine garlands, and tranquil Kanjeevaram sarees instantly make the spectators feel satisfied! Because there are multiple events to capture and the videographer should make every effort to acquire a good view of each onverything.

So that a cinematographic approach can be used to convey a glimpse of all the happenings beautifully. South Indian weddings, on the other hand, feel organic and are more expressive, with their distinct characteristics found across the spectrum.

5)The Delightful Story

When inserted as a single component, a really thorough storytime or narrative might be pretty boring. However, when videotaped in several sessions at various events and venues, it may be quite exciting! Simply put, when there are audio commentaries and lovely storytimes from close and dear ones, a wedding film obtains its cinematic touch.

These love notes can be sprinkled throughout the wedding film, bit by bit, without interfering with the images. Here, the artists must patiently and passionately film and produce a captivating story piece by piece. Without a doubt, the images and tales are equally crucial in the creation process! Dhilip studio the best candid photographers in Chennai can make your wedding as a delightful story in the form of videography.