Some Amazing Locations For Your Photoshoot

The photoshoot has become a trend nowadays, and many make sure to capture every moment. People took photos only on special days during the earlier time, but at present, many take snaps even for the newborns. So, now one can find numerous candid wedding photographers in Chennai in recent times due to the evolution in photography technology. But do you know how to have the best photoshoot? One of the key elements to make the most out of a photoshoot is the location. Choosing the right place is essential for more creativity, and here are some best locations for your photoshoot. These locations will help you tell the story behind your photos and give the viewers an idea about the picture’s mood. Hence, in this post, let us see some ideal places for your photoshoot.

Open landscape:

The foremost option for your photoshoot to be unique is the open landscape. The landscape allows the photographer to explore their photography skills and play with light through different settings. The open landscape provides an unobstructed space to try various poses like lying on the green fields, walking through the ground by running your hands between the flowers, and standing or sitting on the rocks. 

Similarly, these locations are flexible and can change the background depending on one’s perspective. Many wedding photographers in Chennai choose open landscapes for pre-wedding or maternity photoshoots to bring the most from the outdoor natural beauty in the snaps.

Gardens and nurseries:

Most people who love outdoor photoshoots should choose botanical gardens and nurseries to have a home feel. Here the lighting is unique as it passes through the glasses that are specially designed for the greenhouse effect, and even one can feel calmer at this place. You can find a wide range of flowers at nurseries and choose any one as per your desire by keeping them in the background or foreground while taking the photos.

However, some botanical gardens may ask for tickets for special admissions, but it is worth trying.

Unique buildings:

Another prime location that one should include in their photoshoot is the unique buildings. Historical places, museums, industrial parks, retro restaurants, barns, and old theatres are some unique structures to take your photoshoot. These locations need different lighting and camera techniques to bring the feel of the location. Hence, unique buildings are one of the must-try spots that every best candid photographers in Chennai should include.

For example, the Gateway of India is one of the ideal and historical places where the photographers can get the maximum sunlight in the day with unique backdrops. 


It is one of the different ways to have a photoshoot from the buzzing sound of cities. You can pick the location right from small towns to big cities. Similarly, you can find a coloured wall in the city that gives a unique background for your photoshoot. Themed bars, parking garages, coffee shops, and related places are some great locations in the city to have a fantastic photoshoot. 

Hence, these are some of the ideal locations to create memorable photoshoots. Dhilip Studio, the best wedding photographers in Chennai, are here to assist with your photoshoots to stand different from others.