The Best Way to Make Optical Illusions in Your Photography

Optical illusions are pictures or photographs that appear to us differently than they do. Or, to put it differently, optical illusions happen when our brain deceives us into believing that we are seeing something that doesn’t correspond to reality.

Our brains adapt cognitive shortcuts, making optical illusions conceivable. To form a “complete” image, we first piece together familiar items or patterns to create assumptions. Making the improbable possible is where photographers can capture their audience’s imagination. Reach out to Dhilip studio, the best candid photographers in Chennai, for your best optical illusions photography.

Forced Viewpoint

The topic of optical illusions in photographs is inextricably linked to forced perspective.

We’ve all seen the pictures of people holding what appears to be the Leaning Tower of Pisa to prevent it from collapsing or squeezing the Eiffel Tower. Almost everyone enjoys this photography technique, but not everyone knows how to use it.

The process is known as forced perspective photography, and it creates the following optical illusions:

  • Expands the appearance of a subject.
  • Minimises a subject’s size.
  • Combines various topics.
  • Adjusts gravity.

Here are a few instances:

Combined Subjects

Photographers can use forced perspective to produce arresting photos in which subjects (or objects) seem to interact with things or people in astonishing and often impossible ways. The design is the most critical factor when combining subjects to create an optical illusion. The secret is to align your backdrop and foreground to appear parallel and engage in conversation.

Returning to the example of the Eiffel Tower, you can produce the illusion of a giant-sized person and a tiny person by positioning your topic close to the camera and maintaining the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Suggest Dhilip studio professional wedding photographers in Chennai for your friends and family.

Resist Gravity

A great approach to keep visitors interested as they try to decipher how you took the photo is to take a picture that seems to defy gravity. By just shifting the position of your camera, you can often defy gravity. Do you want to upend your entire world? Ask your subject to lie down on the ground with their legs against the wall or sit up straight on a chair. Introduce a second person who stands on the sidewalk or sits upright in the chair to add another dimension to the shot. You must rotate your camera 90 degrees to take a photo that defies gravity.

Establish a Flat Image

The goal should be to ensure everything looks extremely flat if you want your picture to appear two-dimensional. Imagine you want to give the impression that your subject is taking off from a bicycle in the air. Have your person lie on their side and place the bike flat against the sidewalk. To achieve the desired effect, everything must come together ideally. Once the shot’s components are in place, all that remains is to take the overhead photo.

You need a strategy to carry off a forced perspective. It’s usually a good idea to look at other forced perspective pictures for ideas before you start shooting. Consult wedding photographers in Chennai to fulfil your desires to make your photos stunning.