Things you need to know about double exposure

We all love to click photographs of others, especially us. Photography was once only used by professionals but is now in the hands of everybody. With the technology advancement, you can find numerous categories of the camera that are lined up to click the photograph as per your desire. The photographers never stop experimenting with their cameras and equipment to be creative and productive enough. So in this era of photography, have you ever heard of double exposure? You can even find professional wedding photographers in Chennai and other places that use this technique to capture the best moments. So, let us see the things you need to know about double exposure and how to use them to capture some amazing photographs.

Double Exposure – Meaning:

Double exposure is one of the photography techniques where two different photographs are combined into a single image. A double exposure photograph gives surreal images and allows to convey the deep meaning of the photographs. You can even combine two or more images into a single image, and that process is called “multiple exposures.” Most of the candid wedding photographers in Chennai use double exposure to create a dreamy effect on the photographs.

How does it work?

Let us see the process of Double Exposure in film and digital cameras. So, in a film camera, the shutter opens, and the film is exposed to the subject that is often portrait. In the second step, the camera’s shutter is opened but the film is exposed to the background of the subject which is often landscape. So, now these two images are developed into a single image in the photo lab.

In the digital camera, the double exposure is simple compared to the film cameras. The digital cameras from Nikon and Canon have in-built, double exposure settings that will help you to create the same effect. The camera allows you to select the base image from its memory card and layers it with second exposure. The camera itself adjusts its layer and exposure as per your requirements. The best wedding photographers in Chennai use these digital cameras for easy work and exposure.


Double exposure is also achieved in those days by disengaging the lever of the camera. But nowadays, the modern DSLR cameras have in-built multiple exposure settings. So, it has become more simple for the photographers to achieve the effect. However, you need the best lens to ensure that the double exposure image is perfect. So, make use of wide-angle and macro lenses for creating double exposures. You might also need a diopter or snoot which is helpful for double exposure in the black background. The wedding photographers in Chennai useboth the types of len to create the ethereal effect.

Hence, these are the essential things one must know about double exposure. Dhilip Studio – the best candid photographers in Chennai are there to capture the best moments of your life.