Things You Need To Know About Pre-Wedding Photography

The style of photography is not the same as it used to be. Every sector has evolved so much through the advancement of science and technology. Similarly, photography has improved so much that now people love to have a photoshoot for every occasion. One of the popular photography styles among the younger generation is pre-wedding photography. The professional wedding photographers in Chennai are the best pre-wedding photographers and help you capture photos in unique ways. Pre-wedding photography helps the couple to know each other even better. The pre-wedding photoshoots also allow you to see the photographer’s style if you hire the same person to document your wedding. Thus, there are numerous things you need to know about pre-wedding photography, and they are listed below. Therefore, ensure that you follow these things to make the most out of the pre-wedding photography. 


The foremost thing to make pre-wedding photography a successful one is to follow certain do’s and don’ts. The pre-wedding photoshoots may look simple but require the right set of eyes to capture emotions perfectly. So, the first step is to do complete research on everything about the photo shoot. It includes the concept or theme, your outfits, locations, properties that you will use, and related things. Choose the idea that suits you and your partner well and discuss it with the photographer to know if it is possible.

Similarly, choose the photoshoot theme by considering your partner’s wish for full cooperation. It would be best to select the appropriate time for the photoshoot by consulting with the photographer if it is an outdoor shoot. Above all, try to keep up with the time to feel calm and relaxed throughout the photo shoot. The candid wedding photographers in Chennai think that not coming on time is a common mistake made by couples. For example, couples want to have a pre-wedding shoot at sunrise but wake up late and miss the sunrise frame. Thus, if you’re going to have a pre-wedding shoot be well-prepared and planned.

Pre-wedding concepts:

When it comes to the pre-wedding concept, the sky’s the limit. In photography, there are no rules to abide by so you can combine the genre as you wish and be creative enough. However, being monochromatic is advisable for the photoshoots to have amazing pictures. So, here are some pre-wedding ideas you can incorporate in your pre-wedding photoshoot. They are, 

  • Traditional
  • Casual
  • Being Indigenous
  • Royal
  • Thematic 

There are many other themes, and you can check out with the wedding photographers in Chennai for more pre-wedding concepts.

Pre-wedding location:

Thirdly, watch out for the location for your pre-wedding photoshoots. A pre-wedding shoot looks excellent when the location and theme go hand-in-hand. Like the pre-wedding concept, the photoshoot place is also countless, and some ideal places are beaches, resorts, parks, vintage houses, and related areas. 

These are the things that one should know about pre-wedding photoshoots. So, if you are interested in taking pre-wedding snaps, check out Dhilip Studio – the best candid photographers in Chennai to freeze your lovely moments.