Things You Should Know About Cinematic Photoshoot

A recent fad among couples is the cinematic photoshoot. Indians are always great movie enthusiasts who love to document their weddings in a cinematic way. A cinematic photoshoot is an extensive version of wedding photography. Weddings today are more than a ritual; people look for variation and creativity. A cinematic wedding photoshoot is made on par with Bollywood or regional movies to appease the couple’s expectations.

Gone are the days when couples shy away from posing in front of the camera. The modern generation is ready to pose, dance and whatnot! Wedding photographers in Chennai can capture all your moments creatively.

Cinematic Photoshoot:

A cinematic photoshoot follows a fairytale style rather than documenting. When you look back at your wedding album, it evokes emotion. The advancement in modern cameras lets you capture high-quality photos by adjusting colour grading and composition. An experienced photographer would know how to work with angles and lighting. 

No wonder wedding albums take months to deliver because of post-processing. Editing is cinematic photography’s backbone, any photography for that matter. A photography team works on adding filters and background colours to make your album vibrant. Pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots let you have hassle-free quality pictures. A creative wedding teaser is made, including the pre-wedding and post-wedding photos.

Things to consider on a cinematic photoshoot


Setting a budget should be your primary concern. Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a lavish wedding, deciding on a budget is crucial. Discuss with your partner how much you can spend on wedding photography and get an estimation from your photographer. You can get help from your friends and families in deciding on services you can afford. Try to achieve a balance between your budget and the style you choose. 


Check if they have good professional experience and a well-coordinated team. Above all, it is your lifetime event, and you want it to be captured in the best way possible.


Look at their previous work and check if that suits you. Suggest if you want to make any changes. Decide if your wedding photoshoot has to be conversational or storytelling. You can also request to include some styles of personal choice. For instance, if you want to include candid photography, enquire if their crew has the best candid photographers in Chennai.


Transparent communication regarding your expectation makes the work lot more effortless. Have a meeting with the photographer and discuss every tiny detail ahead of your wedding; This might save you from the regret of missing any particular pose you always dreamed of having on your album. 

Services offered: 

Professional wedding photographers in Chennai provide you with more than one service. It comes as a highly customisable package. 

A photographer can deliver his best work only if you give him time. Therefore, allocating stipulated time before and after marriage rituals for the photographers will make your album worthwhile. Dhilip Studio, the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai has many detailed articles on wedding photography which we recommend you look at if you are planning your wedding soon.