Top 10 Mandatory Pre Wedding Poses

Finally! It’s your big day, so it’s normal to worry over the photos and postures. Photos are long-lasting memories, therefore wouldn’t you want to have the best and most creative postures for all your ceremonies? These poses include fun-filled elements, such as getting ready shots,creative ones taken during one of your rituals, or something imaginative enough with mirror reflections. Reach out to the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai to click the listed creative poses on your big day.

The level of creativity you may display while taking these images is endless, so we thought we’d mention a few of them which may give you some ideas ; we’re sure you’ll enjoy them all and recreate them in your own manner.

1. Poses that have gone viral!

To be honest, marriages and social networks go hand – in – hand these days, as we’ve seen dozens of photos becoming viral on the internet for some reason. Without a question, we are all on social media nowadays, and if the material is relatable, it becomes viral. Create a simple storyline or idea that you can quickly relate; you can add some unique elements to make the photographs give a personal touch. So, click those cheerful moments by hiring a professional photographer to win everyone’s heart! 

2. Props for classics!

Try to replicate the moments in your marriage photoshoot to satisfy your inner movie geek. From balloons, bicycles, umbrellas to bikes, smoke bombs, and flowers, we want you to add some of the most unusual characters in your wedding shoot that will undoubtedly make your photoshoot a fun and memorable one.

3. A forehead kiss!

Forehead kisses are usually endearing since they show compassion and connection. Make eye contact with your spouse and then ask him or her to kiss you on the forehead.You can even make them to look better by having close-up shots rather than a full shot

4. When you’re both each other’s lobsters!

Holding hands is very natural on its own, and it can also serve as an excellent stance to start the photo shoot, especially if you are a shy couple. To make this pose more romantic, stand apart from each other and instruct your companion to make eye contact as you walk towards the photographer. Just make sure you don’t run into each other.

5. Please include a large cityscape in the background!

This will not be your first option, but if you have the opportunity, take your companion to a place or spot where you get the entire view of the city in your photos. When you’re at the view point, don’t look at the camera straight with the view as your background; instead, strike a pose where you both admire the beauty of the city or look into each other’s eyes.The wedding photographers in Chennai are quite efficient in taking creative photographs. So, approach them for your next photoshoot!

6. Silhouettes are the way to go!

Seek for a place with a pretty clear and lovely backdrop. Choose a backdrop with a lot of visible sky which radiates more colours and few distracting items to get the silhouette effect. Candid wedding photographers enjoy photographing silhouettes because they can manipulate the colors, texture, and composition of the images.

7. Rain! Don’t go away, rain!

Rain gives the photographs a romantic feel that works well especially in couple shoots. Give your lover an umbrella to share. A transparent umbrella will be the perfect prop for this shoot because need not have to move the umbrella around. 

8. Allow happiness to shine!

You can get more creative with your positions if you find a perfect reflected space like a mirror or clear water. Instruct the photographer to include the reflection in the picture. You can create symmetric photographs in which the mirror is the same size as you, or you can create dynamic images by concentrating on the reflection and cropping the couple. 

9. Dance as if everyone is watching!

Just let your wish come true while you dance together! Make a romantic playlist and dance in unusual places to show some spontaneity and excitement. You’ll feel a little timid at first, particularly if there are other people around you, but you’ll quickly start having fun, and this is when you’ll be able to obtain those great candid shots.

10. Playful banter is delightful!

It gives the audience a sense of enthusiasm, sincerity, complicity, and peculiarity. However, be cautious because a phoney quarrel or chuckle can ruin your photograph. Make a joke or tell your partner something which will surprise them. It would be preferable if the photographer could catch the reaction of the couples rather than just the action itself. Choose the best wedding photographers in Chennai to make your big day memorable.