Top Trendy Bridal Poses For Your Wedding Album

Wedding album is a collection of memories and everyone needs to give their best for the photos. After some years when you look back at your wedding album, you must be able to cherish those lovely moments again. However, when it comes to weddings we wish to have the best and trendy poses. But due to certain reasons we never plan ahead and go with the standard poses that have been followed for decades. The professional wedding photographers in Chennai are the best to take the photoshoot with popular poses to give an unique touch to your wedding album. Hence, in this post, let us see about the top trendy bridal poses for your wedding album which you will cherish down your memory lane. These are simple ones and you don’t need a day’s preparation. Thus, let us walk through each pose and bring the most out of it.

Candid poses 

Candid poses are nothing but capturing your expression without your knowledge. So all you have to do is ask your photographer to have an eye on all your special moments so that they won’t miss anything. For example, behind the veil, top angle of bride and groom, some dramatic portraits, or getting ready poses are some of the candid poses that you can click at your wedding. These will surely make your wedding albums an exclusive one from others. To make your event fabulous with the candid poses you can reach out to candid wedding photographers in Chennai to get it done.

Cover the fabulous outfit Full

Wedding is not the preparation of a single day, it’s an effort that goes on for a couple of months. The foremost preparation of the bride will be their wedding outfit. Every couple will show an immense dedication towards their outfit and hence it deserves a click. So after so much hard work you should not miss a chance of capturing a pretty photo by wearing an attractive outfit. Go for photos that showcase your entire outfit. It is also to be noted that angle plays a vital role in capturing the wedding attire. So, it is always ideal to have back poses to highlight the outfit. The bride and groom will also look best in the waist portraits.

Jewellery in the shots 

Most brides purchase jewellery during weddings. Jewellery is one of the fashionable items that needs a space in your wedding album. So, display your wedding ornaments in a palm tree leaf, wooden platter, or while the bride is wearing. The wedding photographers in Chennai suggest that these shots will surely give a unique glaze to your wedding album. 

Mirror poses:

It is exciting and fun to capture for the brides or grooms to get captured while getting ready. So, why dont add a little magic to this getting ready shot by adding a mirror? Yes it is right, mirrors and getting ready shots go hand in hand which can spice up your wedding album. For example, the bride looking at the mirror while applying makeup, or the bride and groom looking at each other and capturing it in the mirror are some of the ideas for mirror poses.

Hence, these are some of the poses that you should try at your wedding. Dhilip studio – the best candid photographers in Chennai who can create loveable memories in their unique style.