Difference Between Traditional And Candid Photography

A wedding is the most remarkable event in everyone’s life. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your wedding is the best way to remember your special day. Reach out to wedding photographers in Chennai to know more about professional photography. 

There are different types of photography, and here we will discuss the two most popular types of wedding photography, candid and traditional.

What Are Candid And Traditional Photography?


People do not pose for a picture here. Instead, the photographer moves around and captures natural expression spontaneously. A unique flashing technique is used to diffuse the light and minimize shadow. Many prefer candid photography as they are more realistic and raw.


The name speaks for itself; the people pose formally or informally in traditional photography. The photographer requests you to sit in a particular order or pose as a group. He may even choose different backdrops and styles of posing. Even though conventional photography has been used for ages, recent technological advancements have improved the picture’s quality. You can bring many variations in background, props, lighting etc.

There are many differences between candid and traditional photography. The fundamental difference is you are unaware of being clicked in candid, whereas in traditional photography, you consciously pose. We have put together specific differences. Keep reading to learn about them.


From the technical perspective, the photographers’ angle differs in both styles. Also, different types of cameras and flashes are used. In candid, the photos are clicked as the events proceed, whilst in traditional photography, the images are captured after the event with proper seating or standing arrangements. In traditional photography, the event proceedings are caught classically.


The cost of candid photography is higher than traditional because creativity and processing photos demand more skill sets than the conventional method. Also, the camera and lens used in candid are expensive compared to traditional photography. Planning on your budget is essential in any wedding. So, contact candid wedding photographers in Chennai to enquire about the differences in costs of both. 


A traditional photographer takes on many projects in a month and can spend only a limited time editing the photos. They do only the basic editing and print the album. On the contrary, candid photographers spend most of their time editing. They do colour corrections, lighting effects, curation and creative backgrounds. There is a lot of software available in the market for editing photos. A candid picture is all about creativity and getting personal. 


A traditional photographer focuses on documentation and coverage. He captures all the wedding moments by asking you to recreate the important event and asks you to look at the camera during the events. Everything is well staged and organized. A candid photographer focuses on emotions and feelings. He wanders around the place to capture the emotions of people.

It is recommended to consider a photographer who does both candid and traditional to make your album more vibrant. We at Dhilip Studio, the leading wedding photography in Chennai, have the required technical and creative expertise to make your day more memorable.