Some tips to take stunning candid photography

When was the last time you posed for a photograph as per your photographer’s instruction? It must be long back! Yes, the time has changed, and people are now fond of candid photography. This type of photography is unique and captures real emotion. Unlike traditional photography, candid photographers try to shoot the moments that come naturally rather than posing.

That is why there is a high demand for candid professional wedding photographers in Chennai. However, it is not easy to capture candid moments. But at the same time, it is also easy to master candid photography by working constantly on the methods. For now, let us see some tips to take stunning candid photography that will help you to add an authentic feel to the photos you take.

Try using a long-focus lens:

The foremost tip in taking the perfect candid photography is to try using a long focus lens. It helps to take photographs without being noticed. So, the farther you are from the subject they are less likely to know that you are taking their picture. Thus, the long-focus lens helps you to capture the relaxed and natural acts of the subject. However, if you feel that a long lens can cause discomfort to the audience other than the subject then choose a wide lens with a compact zoom. In this way, you are not going to disturb the audience and focus entirely on the subject. The most popular lens diameters are 135mm prime, 70-200mm zoom, and 18-200mm zoom. The candid wedding photographers in Chennai use 70-200mm lenses for the events to get the perfect candid click.

Minimize the flash:

Another tip to have candid shots is to minimize the flash that you are using in the camera. Flash is a sign that alerts the subject that they are being photographed. At some time the flash may spoil the natural emotion being expressed at the moment. So, try to avoid flash on your subject. However, in some situations where there is low light try boosting the ISO or widening up your aperture, or decreasing your shutter speed. So, in this way, you get bright exposure to the subject without making them nervous. That is why many wedding photographers in Chennai use the minimum flashlight on their subject.

Take plenty of shots:

As mentioned earlier, constant and focused work helps you get candid photographs. So, try to take many shots of your subject to get that perfect candid click. In those days, it was important to take limited photos and conserve film. But, nowadays, everything has become digital, and taking numerous photos will not harm the camera. It is interesting to know that by clicking continuous pictures you may get an unexpected perfect candid image. So, it is time to turn on burst mode in your camera, and continuously capture several pictures at once. 

Thus, try these tips suggested to get spontaneous and amazing candid moments. So, get in touch with the best candid photographers in Chennai at Dhilip Studio to create memories.