Winter Wedding Reception: Bridal Outfits For Stunning Photos

Is a Bridal dress more important for good photography?

Yes, In general, even for quality photos and clicks a Professional Wedding Photographers In Chennai need support from both the end, one from the photographer’s end, and another from the couple. Here, on the couple side, bridal clothing is more important, that too if it is winter, then the bridal needs to be perfect from dressing to make up before she comes out to photography. 

Winter Reception Wedding: Winter sounds cool and feels like a beautiful time to have the reception. 

Brides will not wear the same clothes for both wedding and reception. In India, the reception mostly happens in the evening time and is minimal in the daytime, but in the winter season, there is no day and night because even the day looks a little dim and will be too hard for photographers to click the couples in the function. If the bridal dress doesn’t look attractive in the dim light, then the photo album looks unfair. 

What does a Bride wear to the reception?

The reception photos look more colorful and stunning than in wedding functions, because of colorful lighting, guests with more gifts, and more than this, the total hours of reception will be just three to four hours, so couples will be more active than a whole day of the wedding. So, Photographers can click more natural and happy shots in reception.  

It’s winter, so you need to wear clothes that keep you warm and stylish.

Dresses for Winter wedding reception 

The Jacket Style Lehenga Pubaji fashion, heavily embroidered neckline Kurta and Lehenga combo. Usually, brides wear lehenga, but this time make it a little different with a lehenga mashup, this suits for South Indian wedding reception and their culture.

And last but not least, The Sharara set, is one of the most preferred dresses for brides, because it suits every girl and is also available in many colors. One of the best clothes for winter wedding functions.

Capturing The Best

Always Bring An Extra Camera – Reception is a very active wedding function, so you need to bring extra batteries, and sometimes your camera may produce error codes, so bring extra cameras too. The Best Wedding Photographers In Chennai should be prepared for candids and normal stable clicks at any time. 

Adjusting for lights The lighting in the reception wedding will be more colorful, but in winter, your camera shows a faint view when you click. So, adjust your camera and make some random clicks before the function starts.

The Beginning Click

First, start to photograph the reception hall alone, without any people. Second the stage photo, make different angles of stage photos, this makes the album look unique. Then go in-depth to click the couple’s family members along with the couple and then start clicking the guests. At this time, you have to be very active and have to photograph continuously without any rest. In winter, photographers will not feel warmer in your photography spot, this is one of the advantages of the winter season. 

Set the lights as per The Couples

Groom has no problem with the makeup, but winter cool removes the shine of the bride’s makeup. So, set the light perfectly when you notice if the photos are getting dull. 

Candid makes a Photo Album more Beautiful

Both the bride and groom are going to meet their old friends on the stage, that too with a gift. Just imagine their priceless expression at the time when they meet all of their schoolmates and college mates. Why should we miss this golden smiles?

Start taking the candid pictures from now. According to the Candid Wedding Photographers In Chennai, before a photographer gets ready to the candid clicks, make sure to look at the lightings. Is your camera giving even lighting or it fails to do that?

The reception hall is closed, and the light may not be even, so use the flash at the right angle and make it ready to rotate for the candid pictures. Also, add an extra flash to your camera, whenever you are ready for candid photography. 

Here, the reception may sometimes hit hard and will be more engaged with dance, singing, because a father never leaves a reception function without memories. For all these, candid photography can only make photos better and faster. 


Without a perfect ending, a story won’t be nice, the same happens for a wedding reception Album, so never end the clicks randomly. 

Ask the couple and family Is there anything you’d like for me to capture?